Flow Magazine: February

Flow Magazine: February

 February is the month of romance, and some of the most romantic fashion can be found in vintage clothing. Vintage is fashion’s jack-of-all-trades: at once trendy, unique, and classic. The mall may be easier to navigate, but the world of vintage can be far more rewarding.

1. Find out which era suits your body type. A full fifties skirt will graze over large hips. A sixties mini will make legs look longer and a seventies tunic will lengthen a short torso, while a twenties dress will show off thin limbs, add volume, and skim over a box-like shape.

2. Don’t be afraid to mix it up. Vintage purists will tell you not to mix pieces from different eras, but one of the most advantageous things about wearing vintage is the luxury of having fashion history at your fingertips. We mixed eras and added some modern shoes from Mint Fashion Co. for a look that’s extremely modern.

3. Can’t find vintage clothing that fits? This is a common predicament, which is why there are many reproductions available. Modern Dame carries a great selection, Laundry. (133 21st Street East) carries a couple lines, and A Bit More Hip (96 33rd Street East) is worth checking if you’re plus-sized. If you’re set on true vintage, Better Off Duds (510A 33rd Street West) & Javal’s (238 3rd Avenue South) have a commendable selection of larger sizes.

4. Understand vintage pricing, history, and availability. The older and more casual the piece, the rarer, and the higher the price tag. Older articles are more difficult to find due to age and materials used. Casual pieces were worn until they wore out, whereas formal ones were cherished and saved. There is an abundance of vintage special occasion dresses, which are exquisite, unique, and a fraction of the cost of new ones.

5. Shop smart. Big ticket items like fur, animal skin, designer pieces, and good quality fabrics are often a sliver of the price they would be new. Flashback Clothing Collective (115 3rd Avenue South) is a great place to find gorgeous furs, snakeskin belts, eel skin purses, and more.

6. Love vintage but can’t bring yourself to wear used clothing? Search out “dead stock” (vintage clothing found in warehouses that has never been worn or sold) or clothing that still has its original tags on it. Wear reproductions. Find vintage bags, jewelry, and other accessories, or get creative and find a bridesmaid dress with a vintage feel and pass it off as vintage.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Jonezy’s Vintage operates out of the basement of Crimpers (632 Broadway Avenue) and is usually open Monday & Tuesday evenings. “Divine” on Broadway has a great selection and offers 3 for 2 vintage Thursdays. [Editor's Note: Divine's Saskatoon store closed in the spring of 2013.] The Villlage Green Thrift Store (127 20th Street West), Salvation Army (410 42nd Street East or 3000 Diefenbaker Drive), and Value Village (2115 Faithfull Avenue or 302 Cope Lane) can also be good places to check (in that order). We wish you luck with your search!

photos: Zerr Photography, hair: Tina Monz, styling: Jennifer Machnee, models:  Michaella Shannon (MASALA Model & Talent) & Maygen Kardash 

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